Welcome in Budapest Open

International Tablehockey Tournament!

. Date: 20th of March 2005.
(1 day after Bratislava Open)

Registration: 9-9.20 a.m.
Start of game: 10 a.m,
end: about 5 p.m


International Business School
Hotel Garden, Conference Room

2nd district, Tárogató street 2-4.

Our sponsors:

Vadon Sport , Holdfény Fantasy Kft., Marczi Skate



Categories: open single only

Rules: same as the World Championships
on 12-15 Play Off games

with "Trefik" software and suplák

Participation fee: 2000 HUF = 8 Euro
(everybody will get back eating tickets for 1000 HUF)

Participants: we expect players from Austria, Czech Rep., Danemark,
Finland, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine etc.

Accomodation: in Hotel Garden www.hotelgarden.hu

Double room with breakfast 50 euro/night
Triple room with breakfast 55 euro/night (with extra bed)

(send e-mail for D. Létay to help reservation and get these prices!)

Prizes: cup, medals, diplomas, gifts offered by sponsors

Vadon Sport , Holdfény Fantasy Kft. , Marczi Skate

Application deadline: 15. March 2005.

Registration, Registered players

(It will be the strongest ever tournament in Hungary...)

Contact: Daniel Létay (president of HTHF)

e-mail: letay@axelero.hu
mobil: 00 36 70 2525 038